2025: Forecasting Futures (13th-21st May 2016) is an exhibition, conference and series of events organised by MA Design Management and Cultures students from London College of Communication, University of the Arts London. We invited five experts to make predictions about key global trends that will affect our world. Look through their eyes into the future, respond to their provocations and participate in our exhibition.Loading the future...

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2025: Forecasting Futures (13th-21st May) is an exhibition and conference about predicting the key design trends which will shape our everyday lives. 

Five provocations about the future have been authored by experts in their field in relation to the following themes:

  • •   Digital Disruptions
  • •   Architectural Visions
  • •   Ageing Populations
  • •   Consumer Lifestyles
  • •   Cultural Institutions

Do you agree with their predictions? What do you think the future will hold? Respond to one of the provocations with your own vision of the future, which can be a written, visual, sound, performance or workshop contribution. Responses will be curated into an exhibition and accompanying conference where the authors of the provocations will be invited to comment on submissions and participate in a discussion panel.

How to submit your vision of the future: 

Send an email by 27/4/16 to events@lcc.arts.ac.uk headed Forecasting Futures and include the following:

  • •   Which theme are you responding to?
  • •   What is your concept? (max 300 words)
  • •   Which medium/form will you use?
  • •   Written – position paper, essay, report, reflection, etc
  • •   Visual – art/design work, installation, model, film, video, digital, etc
  • •   Performance – theatrical, dance, workshop, etc.
  • •   Contact details – name, institution, phone number, email address

We will confirm acceptance of your work in the exhibition, conference or related events by 28/4/16

Deadline for final pieces of work to be submitted 04/05/16
Contact Dr Nicky Ryan ( n.ryan@lcc.arts.ac.uk ) with any queries

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2025: Forecasting Futures is an exhibition (13th-21st May) and conference (19th May) aimed at engaging audiences in speculations about the key design trends, which will shape and transform our everyday lives.

Five provocations covering important global themes have been authored by experts in the relevant disciplines. The provocations are intended to elicit a variety of creative responses that can include visual, sound, performance and written contributions. These responses will be curated into an exhibition and accompanying conference where the authors of the provocations are invited to respond to the creative work and participate in a discussion panel.

This exhibition, conference and related events considers the practices, theories and methods involved in forecasting futures. Futures studies (also called futurology) is the study of postulating possible, probable, and preferable futures and the worldviews and myths that underlie them. As major forces such as urbanisation, accelerating technological change, the ageing population and increasing global connections come together to dramatically transform our world, an understanding of the future has never been so important.

Future studies/trend forecasting/futurology has been increasingly adopted by organisations, institutions and nations as a means of predicting alternative futures and managing perceived risk. This conference and exhibition will provide a platform for understanding the key trends disrupting and reshaping the political, economic, social, technological and cultural terrain. We will consider the role of design as an agent of change in crafting the future. Our aim is to promote a view of the value of future forecasting as both an important research process and powerful tool of critical transformation in its own right.

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